Nursing: A new profession

With trepidation, I ignored all fears, misconceptions and dived into this whole new world of Nursing. Initially, it was supposed to be temporal, when I got my act together , I was going to go back to my original profession. I came to realize, this was not just any profession, this was serious business, more serious than I earlier perceived. To succeed, I literally had to throw myself into this program. By the time I was done with it, I knew this was the profession, the only profession for me.

I found self-healing as I became a part of healing others. Working in the Intensive Care Unit of my institution, only strongly confirms the feelings that engulfs my person after witnessing each discharge of a patient who comes in to us, near death. This, as far as I am concerned is instant gratification at its best. Knowing one is an instrument of healing and will be a part of anther's life story in a positive way, is more than I can ask for. There are awards and recognitions of all kinds, but none means more than the silent thank you often received from my patients.

Pursuing a Master's program in this acclaimed institution of learning will only improve my knowledge and skills to continue to contribute, be a part of the driving force to change what needs changing, inspire and encourage other nurses, ultimately, benefiting our patient population. I also hope to acquire a doctorates degree as soon as I have completed this program. This scholarship, if awarded, will go a long way to offset my tuition costs and will be deeply appreciated.