A nurse by definition is a person that is trained to care for the sick and disabled, but for an actual nurse this definition does not encompass the true feeling and admiration for the skill. Nursing is not just providing patient centered care, but addressing all the issues that the individual as well as the family may face in their time of need. Nursing goes back to the basics, providing care and compassion for your fellow man not because you feel obligated, but because you feel honored by the opportunity to enhance the health and lives of someone else that may be knowledge deficient. I do not see nursing just as a career; it is an innate nature to care for others that pressed me to follow this path. Nursing has given me the ability to touch, save, and encourage the lives of those that are once strangers, but grow to feel like family. I provide care to strengthen and heal the body, empathy to show compassion and understanding, and encourage autonomy so these individuals can still feel that they are in control of their own lives; it gives me much joy to provide this on a daily basis.

Earning a MSN with specialization in Health Care System Management would enhance my career by providing me with the skills needed to become an effective leader. Nursing is not only based on being an advocate for the patient, but for the staff as well. Healthcare is forever changing and is geared towards business and it would be beneficial to understand this aspect of nursing. It also provides a skill set that was once foreign through education. As quoted by Sir William Osler “the physician may save a life, but it is the nurse that teaches the patient to live!”