Passionate Nurse

I have been a nurse for ten years. I have often told people I was born to be a nurse. The satisfaction I get out of my career is when a parent comes back and thanks me for making their experience easier. Nursing to me is providing a service that not only heals, but enhances the life of an individual. I want my patients leaving knowing they received the best care possible. I can't imagine doing anything else. Although my associated degree in nursing was a great start I wanted more. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in May of 2010. I have always intended on obtaining my master’s degree, but never really knew what I want to pursue my masters for. This year I have transitioned in a new position with a clinic providing the case management support they have needed. I have embraced this new position and intrigued of all the opportunities it has to offer. Advancing in my role will allow me to continue to grow as nurse. Pursuing my master’s degree will allow advancing in this position. My goals are to not only be able to evaluate the outcomes of care of the nurse-client interaction, but also the outcomes of the entire healthcare delivery system. I want to obtain management and knowledge needed to perform effectively and assume leadership roles. This degree is important to me because as a professional I realize a master’s degree will yield more opportunities that meet the goals I have set for myself. I will be able to move in to an advance in role as well as prepare me for leadership roles in clinics, hospitals, and rehab facilities.