The Rest of My Life.

When I set out to get a degree in nursing, I intended to work in the little bayou town where I raised my children. Since becoming an RN, we have moved to uptown New Orleans and all three of my children as well as one son-in-law, have changed their college majors to nursing. Nursing has changed our lives including helping my children focus on the course that their own lives will take.

I come late to nursing and find that direct care-oriented nursing for twelve (12) hours on a med-surg floor has become very taxing. I had settled into adult mental health, but after an incident on the floor, we decided as a family that floor nursing in a mental health environment is not in our future.

This master’s degree will allow entry into different types of employment. Nursing supervisor, Case Management positions of all types, even teaching jobs will be a consideration in employment searches. With more of the nation's hospitals seeking Magnet status, a BSN or MSN will be the first requirement looked for in any nursing position and associate degreed nurses will find less opportunities for employment and little if any, for advancement.

I began researching BSN and MSN programs and categories of nursing. Taking into consideration the skills I learned in former, non-nursing employment, case management and training employees were at the top. I have been a supervisor as well as business owner. My business dealt with insurance company programs, as well as worker's compensation, Medicaid, Medicare and other government programs. Even with this background I find that I cannot get hired into case management without a BSN or MSN. Case management is where I could spend the next 20 years of my working life. I believe that this degree will help accomplish that.