Change Theory

I believe in giving back to the community and sharing the knowledge that has been afforded to me through my secondary education with those who perhaps were unable to obtain a higher education. My desire to help people in the field of Health systems management has fueled my decision to obtain my graduate degree. I am passionate about nursing and the development of future nurses. I am confident I can accomplish any goal set for myself, and one of these is to become a Chief Nursing Officer and obtain my graduate degree from a reputable institution. I wouldn't take anything for the journey that has been set for me and the path that will lead me to accomplish these future goals.

The trials that I have had to face have not deterred me from obtaining the goals that have been accomplished to date. I have been in school for the last two years on full-time bases and graduated with my bachelor degree in nursing with Cum Laude recognition. I am grateful for God's grace to see me through these endeavors and trials and the fact that I made it out with exceptional vigor. I am now ready to undertake my Master's degree with the same assertive behavior.

It is my fervent beliefs that by taking up my graduate degree in health care systems management I will be able to better teach nurses the groundbreaking theories of our nursing forefathers that have led nursing to evolve into a wonderful legacy to all that have committed to it. This scholarship will allow me to pursue my future endeavors with confidence and zeal.