Dark to Light

Nursing is important to me because I can be the person who can bring light to patients during a difficult time. I recently was reminded of this by a patient who was admitted to my unit after a lengthy battle with infected diabetic ulcers to his lower extremities. He was facing possible amputation, but luckily was able to have a debridement instead. Lacking medical insurance and facing expensive continuing care needs I assisted him in applying and being approved for charity care through the hospital, where he could return for wound care. Charity care would typically assist with the cost of intravenous antibiotics, but in this case he required antibiotics more frequently than the infusion clinic was able to provide. I coordinated with the patient's Infectious Disease physician to accept the patient charity care at his clinic. I then arranged with the hospital Outpatient Pharmacy to provide the patient with a pump to be able to administer the antibiotics at home. I also assisted the patient in applying for medication assistance through a government program, where he would receive the antibiotic at no cost. I coordinated with our pharmacy to provide the antibiotic to the ID clinic while his application was processed so he did not have to spend unnecessary days in the hospital.

Being the resource to guide this patient through what he described asĀ "dark and difficult times" is why nursing is important to me. It is what motivates me to advance my degree. An MSN with a focus on Healthcare Systems Management will expand my knowledge and resources allowing me to assist patients at a higher level.