Evolving as a Leader

Earning an MSN degree at Loyola opens up many new opportunities and creates exciting challenges for my career. Since my involvement in leadership activities as early as high school I have always fallen easily into leading positions, naturally confident in my abilities. I thrive when I am able to lead and I am faced with challenges.

My first job as a staff nurse was on a very busy medical/surgical unit with high nurse turnover. In that setting I quickly assumed a leadership role. Within the first year I was asked to precept newly graduated nurses, act as charge nurse, and contribute to many unit improvement projects. Since that experience I have worked on two critical care units where I have again been a leader amongst peers. Throughout my career managers have challenged me with additional projects and responsibilities while my colleagues have looked to me for guidance and advice, all of which has pushed me to excel.

I love being an ICU nurse. My job challenges me everyday as I continue to learn and grow into an experienced nurse. As much as I enjoy bedside nursing, however, I feel that I am ready to assume a new role. After graduating from Loyola's MSN program I will have obtained a new skill set and developed even further as a leader. The program will teach me to be an effective leader capable of influencing policy and implementing change.

The nursing field is ever evolving. Nurses and the nursing profession are being recognized now more than ever for their expertise, knowledge, and leadership. Continuing my education will allow me to be at the forefront, setting examples for new nurses and encouraging them to keep pushing forward.