How a MSN/HCSM will Help Further My Career?

What does nursing mean to me and how a MSN/HCSM will help further my career?

I have always wanted to be a health care provider and assist populations in achieving optimal health. Nursing is a profession that I felt would allow me the opportunity to interact directly with patients and have a positive influence in their lives. I graduated in 2005 with a BSN in nursing and have been involved in many health care areas since that time.

One year ago, I applied and was selected for a management position in the operating room. I have been involved in negotiating contracts with vendors, educating nurses, assisting physicians, and ensuring quality care for patients. I really enjoy the management side of health care and therefore decided to continue my education in a master"s program in that area. A traditional classroom was not an option, so I began to researching quality universities; I reviewed the history, mission statements, goals, and objectives. I wanted to attend a Louisiana university and when I reviewed Loyola"s mission statement, I was very impressed and felt like Loyola"s program was a great match for me. Loyola"s MSN mission is to develop critical thinking and ethical-decision making as the primary skills needed by all nurses in advanced roles. The core curriculum is designed to educate nurses in providing effective and cost-efficient nursing care, and to provide leadership in improving and extending health care to specific populations. After reading this, I knew Loyola was my choice. "Leadership starts here". I am excited and ready to start this journey and I do appreciate the review and consideration for scholarship funding as I have two small girls to care for. I vow to be a student that will uphold the reputation of Loyola.


David Royce Pickett RN, BSN, CNOR