On a Mission to Improve Healthcare

Nursing was always my first choice, but oddly not my first career. Before becoming a nurse I worked in cross-cultural matters, project management, public relations and lived overseas for two years. These opportunities have greatly contributed towards my growth as a nurse. I have come to define nursing as the act of genuine caring that promotes healing and learning. It embraces the open-mindedness that every individual, even ourselves, has needs that cannot always be learned from a book, but can be understood by human interaction. Nursing is more than a career; it is a venue to connect with another person and see them through an event or longer.

I am a single mother of three and work as a Certified School Nurse (CSN) at the local high school, in the very community I live in. As a CSN I earn half of what I earned in the hospital setting; yet, I am responsible for 2200 students, 335 staff members and all visitors on the premises. It is not just bandages and medications. It is athletic and trip clearances, case management, suicidal and substance screenings, orthopedic and sports medicine, and so much more. In a school district the healthcare system is a small group of nurses in the midst of non-medical personnel, who face challenges to be understood and valued. There exists the need to unify all the nurses in our healthcare system, develop a more accountable, evidence-based practice and increase our technology awareness and use. I have defined the existing needs to administration and colleagues and accepted its undertaking. Accomplishing the Healthcare System Management MSN would grant me the ability to see several endeavors to fruition, the credentials to support my work and a leadership position.

In this economy, education is a luxury and this scholarship would be greatly appreciated.