MSN Scholarship Essay

Taking my education to the graduate level has always been a dream of mine. Personally, my goal is to become a superior RN, to provide exceptional care and knowledge to my patients and staff, and to be an extraordinary role model for my son.

Becoming a RN is not something that I decided when I was filling out applications for college, I have wanted to help, educate, and provide comfort for people since before I can remember. Obtaining a higher level of education and to be able to give back much more to my patients will give me an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. Nurses are caring, compassionate, well educated, understanding, and well rounded, which make them exceptional role models. Being a role model for my son is very important to me. I am a single mother who works full time; obstacles are something I overcome on a daily basis. I want to show my son that he should never let anything stand in the way of his dreams or aspirations.

Beginning the journey for my MSN degree from a university that is as highly regarded as Loyola, and being the first person in my family to enter into a graduate level program, gives me such a sense of pride in myself. I know that I will excel in this program, not only will Loyola be proud to have me as part of their Alumni, but my son and my family will be proud of what I have accomplished as well.