Nursing a Calling to a Dynamic World

Nursing for me is a calling. There is a strong desire, an inner passion within yourself in order for you to take care of a person wholly. If you don't have that calling within you I do believe that you won't stay long in the nursing profession or else you might be working with sorrow. There is a great difference between a nurse working for Cash and a nurse working for her Calling. The effects can be seen in herself, in her environment and with the person she's nursing. The former becomes lazy, easily gets angry and can't attend to her clients need while, the latter is enthusiastic, listens to her clients need and promotes healing. Nursing takes a lot of patience, dedication, and love. It is not just an occupation but it should be a part of your daily life. To be able to nurse somebody brings a touch of life and that makes a great impact to their lives be it with just giving them a tepid sponge bath. Nursing is not a joke. You bring a person to a healthy living thus creating a healthy environment, a healthy world to live in.

An MSN with a specialization in Health Care System Management would benefit me since Healthcare is changing more rapidly than almost any other field. The field is changing in terms of how and where care is delivered, who is providing those services, and how that care is financed. Most importantly, Health Systems Management provides patients and their families with the tools to use information to make decisions that are uniquely "right " for them. Healthcare management requires talented people to manage the changes taking place and with having this specialization I have an opportunity to make a significant contribution to improving the health of the community I serve.