Nursing: It's more than a job. It's a calling.

Nursing is more than a job or a career to me, it is a vocation; a calling by God to serve his people with the Love of Christ. I have always used this philosophy when caring for my patients. Nursing should be a way to care for the sick with the love, compassion, and kindness that God shows each of us.

When my patients are having a difficult time or feel anxious, I pray for them and ask if they would like me to pray with them. I have seen this simple act take away all fear and anxiety in them. I have seen the power of prayer heal my patients.

I want to pursue a graduate degree in nursing specifically DNP in Executive Leadership because I feel it will enable and equip me to help more people by working at an organizational level. I want to use the DNP to help organizations improve the quality of care and in turn improve patient outcomes. I also want to help an organization's culture to be truly patient centered. This is manifested when there is a true culture of kindness and compassion throughout the organization.

Over the years I have noticed that we as a society have strayed away from the true philosophy of nursing and quality patient care to improve the bottom line. I strongly feel that we need to get back to the true spirit of nursing. It is a calling that many have heard but not really listened to.

How wonderful it is to be a nurse! What other profession allows us to meet so many people and touch so many lives. I can't think of any other profession that I would be in.