Nursing: My Promise Fulfilled

At age 9, when all my friends were dreaming of being characters from their favorite cartoon, I knew that I would grow up and become a nurse. It was at that age that began doing things that made my grandfather, Adam Clark Jr. tell me that I would be a great nurse someday. This led to him asking me to make a promise to him that I would go to college and study nursing. So, here I am, 10 years after seeing my promise come to fruition and it was truly the greatest promise ever that I ever kept. I enjoy being a nurse and I am highly motivated to continually progress and become a leader in my field.

As 9 years old, I really didn't know much about nursing. But, I was able to read the labels on my grandfather medication bottles and sort them in his pill box. I was his nurse every summer until he died when I was 13. Before his death, he made me promise that I would go to a great collage and become a nurse. He even left money which he thought would cover the cost of tuition. Though $500 was enough, I knew that I had a promise to keep so I forged on.

In 2002, I became a nurse. Now, I am pursuing a MSN in Health Care Systems Management because I am committed to expanding and enhancing my role in the field of Nursing from Veterans Affairs (VA) Consult Management Nurse to VA Nurse Manager. I believe that I would be a more valuable asset to the VA Business if I increased my knowledge in management, finance, administration, and managed care strategies. All of which will be accomplished upon completion of this program.