Nursing was Not Originally my First Career Choice

Nursing was not originally my first career choice after high school. I eventually decided I wanted to enter a field in which I would be always learning; I have never once regretted my decision. Having been a nurse for 14 years, I realized I want to do more with my career. I am nearing the end of my Bachelor's program and decided to pursue my Masters in Nursing. Having 2 small children and a husband, I knew the program I decided on had to be on-line, flexible and most importantly affordable. There are three career goals I have:

1. To teach other nurses in an on-line program, such as Loyola.

2. Better serve my patients

3. Provide my company with a Masters educated nurse who can guide other nurses and who can create/ propose much needed programs with in our company.

I knew I wanted a brick and mortar school with a great reputation for graduating good nurses. This requirement shortened my list drastically. Loyola was among this list. I did more research and heard that Loyola also has classes in which a nurse can be taught how to teach a class, in addition to the program I wanted to enroll in. I knew Loyola was for me and would help me to achieve my goals.

Fortunately I love where I work and do not want to leave this company. However, I also want to teach other prospective nurses. I hope to be able to teach in an on-line course such as Loyola. During my education at Loyola, I will also take the additional educational courses Loyola offers to nurses who do want to teach. I want to be able to have a more solid knowledge foundation to draw upon to be a better Nurse Manager and teacher.