Nursing from Within

Nursing denotes a selfless way of extending ourselves for those in need. Basically, it's not just a mere profession but rather a sincere calling.

Eversince I was a kid, I dreamed of helping people in simple ways as much as I can. To gladly extend a helping hand, and to reach for those who are in need of it. Hence, I find myself drawn to the noble and modest profession of nursing.

As far as I can remember, my college life is faced with a lot of difficulties -- financial, at most to its extent. It comes a time where I have to walk from the boarding house until school, to borrow books and jot down notes, to heartily budget my meager allowance to its fullest content -- for the sole reason of apportioning what little amount of money I have to cater the school\'s fees and miscellaneous requirements. Yet , I never cease to fought myself towards reaching my dream - to become a nurse.

Taking up an MSN program in Loyola University would be a big step in my life in continually achieving the dream that I already have. It opens for me a lot of new and big opportunities, as I will be armed with the best possible way -- and that is education.

An MSN program would certainly yield professional as well as personal growth. I can hopefully introduce, share and impart what I will be learning - for myself, colleagues, and the greater community as to where I will be working in the future -- thereby, making such a big difference in the Nursing profession.