Pursue a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Systems Management

Receiving the $4,500 scholarship from Loyola University while pursuing a Master of Science in Nursing, during the 33 year celebration of nursing education, would be a tremendous blessing to my entire family. As a single parent, my two kids and I have learned to make the most of everything. Not only will it help to relieve a financial burden, but it will also provide peace of mind while focusing on what most is important- putting forth 100% at being a successful student. I am currently repaying large student loans from my undergraduate studies. Receiving this scholarship would help alleviate the stress of additional student loans and will also support my pursuit of academic excellence.

The decision to pursue a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Systems Management is a result of a desire to be a more effective and successful leader. As a Lieutenant Commander in the US Public Health Service, receiving a graduate degree helps fulfill its mission, which is to protect, promote and advance the health and safety of the Nation. Not only will a graduate degree from Loyola University provide opportunities to promote advancements in healthcare, but it also will equip me in providing the best care possible to the most vulnerable populations.

The desire to enhance my contribution to the field of nursing by receiving a Master’s Degree in Health Care Systems Management and ultimately providing effective leadership in the area of research is my motivation. I aspire to lead with honesty, integrity and fairness. Expectations of myself and those that I lead will be of the highest quality. Loyola University has a track record of producing the very best professionals and I look forward to upholding that legacy.