Quality and Patient Safety - What is Right in Healthcare

Throughout the past 24 years of my nursing career, nursing has always meant dedication to patient advocacy and patient safety. A Master's of Nursing and Health Care Systems Management for me means the next step in my contribution to the preservation of what is right in healthcare. Having been a leader in healthcare for the past 10 years, I have been witness to the ordeals and threats to patient safety that nursing professionals have been forced to deal with.

We live in a time where medical errors are very prevalent, as evidenced by data released from such esteemed agencies as The Joint Commission, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services. As a Director of Quality, I am very passionate about ensuring that attention is focused on providing every patient with the safest care that they are entitled to. I find myself restricted in the limits of authority that I have for holding people accountable when actions are performed that are outside of the standards set for patient safety and appropriate care. In order to reach a professional level that will afford me the ability to make this difference, I will need to acquire a Master's degree.

Receiving a MSN HCSM degree from such an esteemed university with as significant a focus on quality of education as Loyola will certainly award me with the knowledge to reach my short term as well as long term goals. My desire is to eventually work with agencies on the state as well as national level that focus on patient safety and quality of care, ending my career as a consultant in this specialty. I sincerely appreciate the consideration for acceptance into this Loyola program and related scholarship opportunity.