Scholarship Essay

The beauty of nursing lies in its vast opportunities for the specialized care of patients along the entire continuum of health care. This continuum may begin in the acute hospital; move on to inpatient rehabilitation, and hopefully, lead to a return to the community. Along this journey, nurses have a common vision to provide expert care, support, and education to patients and their families.

Born in the mid-1950s, I was not drawn to a career in nursing growing up. Still, stints at three different colleges brought me to the profession of nursing, which seemed a perfect blend of science, technology, and caring. A BSN paved the way to home health, where my ability to work autonomously entwined with the talent to lead others towards independence through education and leadership.

Along the continuum of care, a new nursing opportunity presented, when after more than twenty years of practice, I entered the arena of Brain Injury rehabilitation nursing. My role as Brain Injury Program Coordinator requires expertise, leadership, and advocacy, promoting hope and support as new research and techniques emerge for the treatment of brain injury, where patient outcomes can frequently be unpredictable. Nurse role models within my organization inspire me to strive for an MSN to attain a higher level of knowledge, to think critically and creatively in today's changing healthcare environment, and to understand the theoretical framework that drives these changes.

A "bricks and mortar" university of academic excellence as the basis of an online program increases my confidence in choosing Loyola for my graduate degree. I have found that Loyola's Health Care Systems Management curriculum, reputation of faculty excellence, and faith-based philosophy fit well within my plan to make my professional goals a reality.