Scholarship Winner

Practicing nursing for the last 17 years has provided me with the foundations to make changes in today’s health care industry. I started my nursing career at Touro Infirmary in New Orleans. Thereafter, I enrolled in the midwifery program at NYU Graduate School. After the attacks on the World Trade Center, I withdrew to reduce my exposure to NYC. Incidentally, I started working on a high risk obstetrical unit. Shortly thereafter, I assumed a charge roll overseeing the daily/nightly operations where I discovered a love for management.

I transferred to a small critical access hospital to support the hospital’s needs for experienced nurses. I have obtained a certification in maternal child health and have become an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). We have an accreditation pending with the World Health Organization/ UNICEF to be certified as a “Baby Friendly” hospital. My overall goal is to make the nursing process concise, uniform, reduce redundancies, and unessential steps; therefore, allowing nurses to provide quality evidenced based safe care.

I am thrilled to be accepted at such a reputable university. Graduating from Loyola University will allow my career to come full circle. The program’s design works perfectly with my current full-time employment and family commitments. I look forward to expanding my knowledge base, advancing my education, and working with such highly trained faculty. Additionally, my husband is a disabled veteran which has rendered me the primary source for income. I have three young children and work 40-60 hours per week to sustain our family. Since my husband’s disability, I have endured unexpected financial burdens. Securing this scholarship would significantly contribute and support my desire for advancement in education and nursing career goals. Thank you for your kind attention to this application.


Erica Brown, RNC-MNN, IBCLC