What Would a MSN from Loyola Mean to Me?

While researching graduate schools to further my nursing education, something drew me to Loyola University and I said to myself, "this is the school for me". Once I have my head and heart set on something, there is very little that can change my mind.

I truly feel a connection to the Health Care Systems Management program. In researching online graduate programs for nursing, I have not been impressed with what other schools have to offer, due to less diversity in the degrees and curriculum. Upon reviewing Loyola's curriculum, I finally had found a school that fits my desires and learning needs. While I have a strong nursing background and have plenty of clinical experience, I lack any formal management education. Through my years of working as an RN, management skills have been learned through experience and by example. I am enthusiastic to begin learning about the financial, legal and quality improvement aspects of health care from a well-respected university and ready for the challenge that Loyola offers in their graduate degree.

The fact that Loyola University is a Catholic institution strengthens my confidence in the education I will receive. Having graduated from a Catholic high school and college, religion has been a large part of my education in the past and something that is important for me to continue with in my future. There is always a strong sense of community that comes with attending a Catholic school as well as a strong sense of attaining balance for the whole person. Even though the classes will be online, I believe the school's Catholic vision will be evident and in conjunction with an impressive curriculum, I look forward to being a part of the Loyola program.