Nursing: A Call of Duty

“Save a life…you are a hero; save lives on a daily basis…you are a nurse.” I heard someone once make this statement and I agree. Being a nurse, I believe is a true calling. It is not a job, but a vocation.

I wake up every morning as Brooke, the daughter, wife and friend. When I walk through the doors of St. Francis Medical Center, I become Brooke, RN, care giver, confidant and patient advocate. That is what nursing is to me; laying aside my time to provide someone with a listening ear or just a compassionate smile. During nursing school, one of my professors taught on values. She said, “You treat people how you would want to be treated. You give your patient the upmost respect and care because some leave your care and head to hell.” I was puzzled by what she meant by that until I began to work, and then I realized how true that was. It became very evident as a nurse that some of my patients only receive kind words, a smile, hot food or even a hot shower when they are admitted.

I embodied what she said. When I go to work, I pray for strength, wisdom and guidance to touch someone’s life through nursing. This is why I want to pursue a MSN degree at Loyola. Their vision of all nurses being leaders is empowering. Loyola provides concise structured education with a Christian foundation. I believe this university is training nurses to conquer their calling. My goal is to use my MSN degree to pursue a role in executive administration. In this position I can still share the healing ministry of nursing but on a grander scale.

It is because of this, I choose Loyola University to continue my nursing education.