Nursing is a Gift

Nursing is a profession of compassion, strength, and conviction…taking a patient’s journey as your own. Over many years, I have found that nursing has allowed for personal growth, one’s acknowledgment of true advocacy and a vehicle for the true autonomy to become more grounded in a personal mission of serving others.

Throughout my nursing career, I have had the conviction to serve. I truly felt that my journey would lead me to become the best nurse possible. What I was completely unprepared for, were the lessons and gifts I was to receive. My profession became more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. I cannot possibly remember the day or week that it occurred, but I do know how I feel today. I am humbled. Humbled by the rewards of learned lessons of humility and the life lessons of true selflessness. My patients taught me more than my nursing professors ever could…they taught me the value of compassion and empathy. I am eternally grateful and richer for these lessons.

As a critical care nurse, Director of Cardiac Services, and then evolving into my present role as Vice President of Service Line Development, I have cherished those life lessons and they have become the core of who I am today. I am a servant of the people, the very people who have enriched my life. Now is the time to take those fundamental beliefs and place them into the forefront of today’s ever-changing healthcare environment. A desire to pursue a postgraduate degree comes again from the core; to learn the true fundamentals of the financial implications and impact that healthcare reform carries. I desire to be an integral part in the positive movement in today’s healthcare landscape. A formal education in the field of Health Care Systems Management is vital to allow for my proactive role in the movement of change.