Nursing is My Foundation

I finished high school during the eighties' recession. Jobs were scarce and the future was unsure. There were plenty of nursing jobs, though, and I thought that a nursing degree would form a strong, solid base for my future. I knew that no matter what happened in my life, I would always be able to rely on my nursing background.

Now, after twenty-five years, I am very pleased to say that nursing did, indeed, form a strong foundation for my life experiences. That foundation allowed me to grow into a confident intensive care nurse, gave me the wings to fly as a travel nurse and granted me tremendous opportunities to gain invaluable life lessons (birth, death, love, grief- all those things that come with being with families during their health care needs).

My nursing base was also invaluable for me in gaining acceptance into law school and in becoming an attorney. As an attorney, my nursing education and experiences from my practice have helped me to represent my clients in a way unique, I think, to the nursing experience. While times have changed, "primary nursing" was the mantra when I was in school and the idea that care should be focused and individualized to the patient is a concept that I have carried over to my law practice.

An MSN with a specialization in Health Care System Management will benefit me and my career by reinforcing and building on that original foundation and making it stronger than ever. I hope, with this degree from Loyola, to specialize in an area of law that is a mix of nursing and law (workers' compensation) and to move into a teaching role to share what I have learned and experienced by starting out with a strong foundation in nursing.