Nursing: A Philosophy Formed by Life Skills

Before I became a nurse, I had no idea that nursing was more than a trade. I thought nursing just meant giving medicine and applying bandages. I learned long ago that nursing is more than just a simple definition or description, it is a philosophy. My idea of nursing has evolved over many years and around many different experiences. My concept of nursing means treating the whole person, not just the physical entity. Nursing allows us to treat the physical, spiritual, emotional, and social aspect. This also includes treating the patient’s family.

Nursing incorporates many of the life skills that we are taught as children. Nursing dictates that we apply many of these life skills through caring, cooperation, courage, initiative, integrity, patience, pride, problem solving, and responsibility. A Master of Science in Nursing with a specialization in Health Care Systems Management will benefit me by providing me a foundation in areas that I would not normally be exposed to in my present position. I hope to take my experience and knowledge that I have gained to help develop and prepare future nurses for the ever changing healthcare environment.

I believe this degree will allow me to ascertain positions that involve processes that directly impact an organization. This education will provide me with the tools to help formulate decisions and mandates that contribute to the success of an organization and nursing as a whole. Lastly, I feel very comfortable with Loyola because it is a faith based university. I have worked for a Catholic hospital ever since I became a nurse. Working and learning in a faith based environment just feels right for me. I know that being a graduate of such a prestigious and well respected university will be a great source of pride for me and my family.