Legacy and Heritage Scholarship Programs

Pass the Torch and Leave Your Legacy

At Loyola University New Orleans Online, we make it easy for our graduates to leave a legacy for others and for themselves. At no cost to you – an official alumnus – we will help you bestow a $1,000 scholarship through two scholarship programs:

  • The Legacy Scholarship – a $1,000 donation (in your name) to anyone you nominate who is accepted and enrolls into one of our online programs. You must be a graduate of an online program at Loyola University New Orleans to nominate someone for this scholarship.
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  • The Heritage Scholarship – a $1,000 donation to yourself when you are accepted and enroll into one of our online programs. You must be a graduate any program (online or on-campus) of Loyola University New Orleans.
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The scholarship is applied to the first invoice for your first course in the program. There is no individual cap on the number of nominations, though there are only up to 50 total scholarships given out annually.

Scholarship Eligibility

Legacy Scholarship recipients must be nominated for the scholarship endowment by an official graduate of a Loyola University New Orleans online program. Heritage Scholarship recipients must be an official graduate of any program (online or on-campus) offered by Loyola University New Orleans online program. Nominations must be made through our convenient online form. The nominee must apply for and be accepted for admission to Loyola University New Orleans Online; awards are made only to accepted students.

In addition to the general admission requirements, applicants must also submit the following to be considered for the scholarship award:
  • Authorization to Release Information
  • Release to use photo/quotes for promotional purposes

Selection Criteria

  • Validation that eligibility requirements of both the nominee and nominator were met
  • Recipient must meet enrollment qualifications and be fully accepted and enrolled into one of the eligible
 Loyola University New Orleans’ online degree programs
  • That’s it – we make it that simple for alumni to leave a legacy
Nominations are reviewed in the following cycles:
Academic Term Nominations must be received by:
Spring (January) December 15
Summer (May) April 15
Fall (August) July 15

All Legacy and Heritage Scholarship recipients will receive confirmation of their award with their official acceptance into an eligible online program.

Loyola University New Orleans Online will have final authority over all submission deadlines and may adjust submission dates at any time without notice.

For more information about the Legacy Scholarship Program, contact a Program Manager at 866-789-9809 or degrees@loyno.edu.

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