DNP Nurse Practitioner Career Information

As a DNP Nurse Practitioner, you will be the natural leader for a health care team of faculty, staff, patients, and their families to provide a superior level of care through excellence in communication and in an understanding of advanced health care knowledge, policy, and recent technologies. Your complex nursing skills will promote patient safety, and improve patient outcomes through evidence-based practice.

Obtaining your DNP degree with the nurse practitioner concentration paves a path to numerous Nurse Practitioner careers in a variety of settings. DNP Nurse Practitioners enjoy advanced salaries, top-title positions, and the ability to lead larger practices. The demand is urgent for NPs with a doctoral degree to step up to a number of leadership positions.

  • Nurse practitioner careers are expected to grow 31 percent by 2024.1
  • As of March 2016, the median salary for all nurse practitioner specialties is $107,460.1
  • Full-time Nurse Practitioner salaries rose 2.1 percent between 2014 and 2015.2

Nurse Practitioner Salary by Experience

Nurse Practitioners who have been in practice for 16 to 20 years reported the highest earnings with an average salary of $110,137. However, more than half of the respondents had five years or less in experience, revealing the growing number of new graduate Nurse Practitioners and their ability to command an executive income with an average salary of $100,2592

Year/Experience Average Salary
5 years or less $100,259
6 - 10 years $108,366
11 - 15 years $106,258
16 - 20 years $110,137

Nurse Practitioner Salary by Region

Nurse practitioners in the West reported the highest compensation with an average salary of $113,785, which is 8.8% higher than the national rate. The majority of survey participants hailed from the South and reported the second highest average salary, $107,369.2

Region Annual Salary
West $113,785
South $107,369
Northeast $103,604
Mid-Atlantic & Lower Great Lakes $96,759
Midwest $96,036

DNP Nurse Practitioner Career Options

As a Nurse Practitioner with a DNP, you will serve as a leader in nursing across health care settings. Your advanced skills bring cost efficient, quality-level health care to your organization, community, and patients.

Nurse Practitioner Salary by Specialty

Nurse Practitioners working in urgent care reported the highest earnings in 2015 with an average salary of $152,165. Emergency care had the second highest compensation, while Nurse Practitioners working in pediatrics reported the lowest earnings with an average yearly salary of $93,041.2

Specialty Average Salary
Urgent Care $152,165
Emergency $130,122
Hospital-Based Private Practice $114,145
Hospital Employee $101,204
Women's Health $99,062
Primary Care $98,628
Family Practice $98,532
Cardiology $97,953
Obstetrics/Gynecology $94,700
Pediatric $93,041

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