Online MSN-to-DNP Nurse Practitioner Curriculum

The MSN-to-DNP Nurse Practitioner Curriculum at Loyola University New Orleans develops life-long active learners like you. Individuals who take immense pride in bringing advanced levels of health care to their patients and communities based upon the Jesuit values of social service and justice.

It is custom-designed according to your career goals and educational experience, and is led by an involved, award-winning faculty who is excited to help advance your skill set in becoming an in-demand Nurse Practitioner. Faculty will work with you personally throughout your program to ensure you develop these advanced skills to the best of your abilities.

As a student in the MSN-to-DNP Nurse Practitioner online program, you will need to complete a minimum of 39 credit hours over 13 courses.

DNP Curriculum

Coursework for the MSN-to-DNP Nurse Practitioner program is outlined below.


Nurse Education Electives

Nurses who also wish to pursue their Certified Nurse Educator™ (CNE) credential must also complete an additional 9 credit hours in nurse educator coursework, bringing their credit hour total to 48.


Available Electives to Assist in Program Coursework

The success of the MSN-to-DNP Nurse Practitioner program is based upon solid skills in scientific writing as well as statistics and data management. The following electives are offered to strengthen this knowledge and skill set.