Online MSN Practicum Experience

This practicum portion of the online MSN provides you with a guided experience pertinent to a nursing or health care management role that aligns with your own selected area of concentration (Nursing Leadership, Nurse Educator, or Family Nurse Practitioner). Designed as an evidence-based practice course of the master’s program concentrations, you are expected to demonstrate theory and practice in a field under the supervision of selected preceptors—professionals in the field with whom you will partner while going through practicum.

The practicum experience requires hands-on training: MSN-NL and MSN-Nurse Educator students must complete 180 clock hours; MSN-FNP students must complete 720 clock hours. A preceptor-mentorship model is used, in which experienced professionals in health care organizations play a substantial role in facilitating the practice role. The practicum occurs in the final semester of the HCSM and NE tracks. Practicum experiences take place throughout the FNP track. All practicum experiences are customized based on your own practicum goals.

Meet Susie Amick – MSN-HCSM Graduate

Susie Amick, a lactation consultant at East Jefferson General Hospital who graduated from the online MSN in 2014, chose to conduct her practicum project in another department within her own facility. As part of her practicum project, she worked to piece together a doctor-teaching- doctor program that standardized information delivery and monitoring on infant support and breastfeeding.

Susie has shared her experience with us in the following video:

Benefits and Application of the Practicum

The practicum is specifically designed for students so that you can apply the theory you have learned, and think outside the day-to-day practice of being a nurse. The experience offers you a unique opportunity to develop and enhance your leadership abilities and interact in interdisciplinary teams.

Watch faculty, preceptors, and graduates share details about the practicum course.

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