Careers and Salaries in Nursing Leadership and Management

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As the baby-boomer population continues to age, the need for medical facilities and quality, coordinated care continues to increase. Based on projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the jobs for nurses with an MSN are expected to grow at a rate of 31% from 2014 to 20241.

To manage the growing demand, it is critical now more than ever that we have nursing professionals with the credentials and leadership capabilities to run efficient health systems. Nurses also play major roles in transforming healthcare organizations and helping them evolve. Advanced leadership training and business skills more important than ever before to grow within your nursing profession and achieve your career goals.

Nurses Who Hold an MSN Earn More

According to the national 2015 ADVANCE for Nurses Salary Survey, almost 10% of nurses who reported to be managerial and administrative specialties earn more than $100,0002. Their experience and degree plays a large part in their salary range.

Degree Median Salary by Years of Experience3

Years of Experience Associate's bachelor's master's
Less than 4 years $59,510 $66,115 $85,837
5-9 years $64,726 $71,018 $88,416
10-19 years $63,822 $77,474 $93,387
20 years or more $66,242 $80,575 $91,671

What Career Paths Can I Pursue with an MSN?

Loyola's Master of Science in Nursing prepares nurses for some of the most challenging new roles in today’s rapidly changing managed care environment including:

  • Care Coordinator Info and Salary: These clinical health care professionals coach patients, oversee action plans, and make clinical decisions. These devoted professionals work with patients over the course of their lifetime and manage care for multiple chronic conditions. The median salary for a care coordinator is $40,4654.
  • Nurse Case Manager Info and Salary: A case manager works with individuals to assist them in making healthcare decisions. They are advocates for their patients, helping to explain cost-effective resources available to help them make thoughtful, informed decisions about their care. The median annual income for case managers is $64,8795.
  • Director of Managed Care Info and Salary: A director of managed care is responsible for controlling healthcare costs and improving the healthcare experience for patients. The average salary for a director of managed care is $97,4596.
  • Nurse Administrator Info and Salary: In this position, nurses help improve healthcare policies within their organization and lead their teams in providing the highest quality healthcare to patients. A nurse administrator earns an annual median salary of $78,4287.
  • Nurse Manager Info and Salary: In this role, nurse managers oversee the nursing staff and are responsible for retention and recruitment of their healthcare teams. They may also team up with other healthcare professionals to deliver high quality patient care. The median annual salary for a nurse manager is $80,2388.
  • Clinical Outcomes Manager Info and Salary: A clinical outcomes manager is tasked with improving the outcomes for patients including clinical outcomes, processes, and decreasing the length of hospital time for patients and associated healthcare costs. A patient outcomes manager earns a median annual salary of $71,8769.
  • Product-line Manager Info and Salary: A product-line manager works to accomplish financial targets for the healthcare organization to ensure profitability. On average, the annual salary for a product-line manager is $84,88410.
  • Healthcare Program Manager Info and Salary: A program manager helps to ensure that the healthcare organization is running smoothly by directing the services their department offers and overseeing their healthcare employees. A healthcare program manager earns an average annual salary of $72,98711.
  • Quality Manager Info and Salary: In the healthcare industry, this position manages patient care, safety and risk management, performance improvement, and develops plans to improve the quality of the organization. The average healthcare quality manager salary is $72,75012.
  • Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) Info and Salary: In this high-level nursing profession, a chief nursing executive is responsible for directing all nursing personnel. This role will develop and implement policies, objectives, and initiatives. They will also review the day-to-day operations to ensure that all patients receive high quality care. The average CNO salary is $111,41813.

What Certification Exams am I Prepared for?

The MSN in Nursing Leadership (formerly Health Care Systems Management) curriculum adheres to the standards identified by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, the American Organization of Nurse Executives, and the Standards of Practice for Case Managers (published by the Case Management Society of America). Graduates will be prepared to sit for the American and/or the Commission for Case Manager Certification Exam.

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