Nursing Leadership Curriculum and Course Descriptions

The courses offered for the MSN in Nursing Leadership (formerly Health Care Systems Management) prepares nurse leaders for twenty-first century health care challenges, providing knowledge, skills, and competencies that recognized nurse leaders have identified as essential for success in the modern-day health care industry. The curriculum as a whole is designed to enable you to later lead initiatives in modern technology, evidence-based decision making, and information and outcomes management, all while strengthening nursing’s core values of quality care.

With courses ranging from health care informatics to legal and ethical issues in health care to outcomes measurement, this innovative, online master’s program prepares nurse leaders to tackle and overcome the health care systems challenges of tomorrow.

A total of 36 credit hours are required to complete this program. A practicum experience of 180 clock hours is also required, though students work with faculty to select an appropriate setting to complete this component of the program.


Nurse Education Electives

Nurses who also wish to pursue their Certified Nurse Educator™ (CNE) credential must also complete an additional 9 credit hours in nurse educator coursework.


Available Electives to Assist in Program Coursework

A student’s success in the MSN - Nursing Leadership (formerly Health Care Systems Management) specialization is partially based upon solid skills in scientific writing as well as statistics and data management. The following electives are offered to strengthen this knowledge and skill set.