The History of Nursing at Loyola University New Orleans

Thousands of talented graduates have earned their BSN, MSN or DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) from Loyola University New Orleans’ School of Nursing, which has been awarded several accreditations and recognitions throughout the years. These successes were achieved because of our proud heritage and rich tradition, which has provided a solid foundation of excellence to support decades of higher learning and advancements in patient care. Loyola’s School of Nursing has always remained at the forefront of nursing education, and is constantly striving to stay current with the latest medical innovations and techniques. But where did we begin? Discover the illustrious history of Loyola’s School of Nursing:

  • 1849: The College of the Immaculate Conception opens
    In 1849, the College of the Immaculate Conception opened its doors as New Orleans’ first Jesuit College (it was both a secondary school and a college). In 1911, the high school and college divisions were split. The college moved to St. Charles Avenue and eventually became Loyola University New Orleans.
  • 1912: Loyola University begins granting degrees
    On July 10, 1912, the governor signed the act authorizing Loyola University to grant university degrees.
  • 1919: The first evening courses were offered for busy professionals
    In 1919, Evening Division was first offered. These were innovative evening courses designed for working professionals who were unable to attend daytime classes. This program continues to be offered, and it now includes online graduate programs for today’s busy nurse professionals.
  • 1935: The Department of Medical Technology is launched
    This year in history, the Department of Medical Technology at Loyola University was launched.
  • 1979: The School of Nursing officially opens
    In 1979, two major events took place at Loyola University: Maria Falco was appointed as the first female dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and the School of Nursing officially opened its doors.
  • 2006: The School of Nursing starts offering the online MSN
    In 2006, following the needs of the modern-day student, the School of Nursing began offering an online MSN (Master of Science in Nursing).
  • 2008: Ann H. Cary, PhD MPH RN, is named a Robert Wood Johnson Executive Nurse Fellow
    In 2008, Ann H. Cary, PhD MPH RN, Professor and Director of the School of Nursing at Loyola was named a Robert Wood Johnson Executive Nurse Fellow. “It is a tremendous honor to be a Fellow,” said Cary. “I care deeply about nursing students and comprehensive nursing programs, and will always continue to be a champion for professional nursing.”
  • 2010: The School of Nursing offers the first DNP in Louisiana
    In another groundbreaking move, The School of Nursing began offering the first Louisiana DNP, on campus and in an online format.
  • 2012: The Online Nursing program is named one of the Top 5 Online Graduate Programs in the U.S.
    2012 has been a remarkable year for Loyola University’s School of Nursing. To start, the online program was listed among the Top 5 Online Graduate Programs in the United States. Also, Loyola alumnus Kenneth Tarleton (Alum, ‘95) received the Recognition Award for Outstanding Clinical Research at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. Finally, Loyola University New Orleans confers degrees to Louisiana’s first DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) candidates.

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