5 Ways a Graduate Degree in Nursing Makes You More Marketable

Many nurses wonder if taking the plunge and earning an MSN will bring significant returns to their lives, both professionally and personally. The answer is probably yes! Earning your Master of Science in Nursing online – around your busy lifestyle – lets you simultaneously work in the nursing field and increase your nursing knowledge and skills. It also paves the way for new job opportunities and a higher salary. Adding a Master’s in Nursing degree to your education credentials allows you the opportunity to obtain new roles, such as teaching at the university level, CNS, staff development, nurse practitioner and many management positions.

An online Master's in Nursing degree can increase your worth to a hospital or organization, as it makes you a valuable asset to their team. Check out these five ways that earning your MSN Degree online makes your skill set more appealing to employers.

  1. Gain Administration-Level Knowledge
    Earning an online MSN degree helps you acquire advanced training and skills to become a nursing administrator in a hospital or clinical institution. You’ll obtain sought-after knowledge in high-level areas including policies and procedures, patient care, and trends in the healthcare system.
  2. Strengthen Management Skills
    Through targeted coursework, an online MSN provides in-depth training in staffing, budgeting, and day-to-day operations. Hospitals and organizations look to hire candidates with an understanding of these critical business management techniques.
  3. Learn Leadership Methods
    Boost your leadership abilities! Hospitals and organizations are always looking for leaders to fill high-profile roles. Online MSN coursework helps nurses foster leadership skills, as they learn key methods to run departments, act as mentors and teach enrichment courses.
  4. Get a Solid Understanding of Finance
    When hiring upper-level staff, hospital HR representatives look for candidates with a solid background in a variety of non-clinical areas, including finance. Online MSN courses give nurses seeking an administrative role an understanding of the financial side of the healthcare, such as reimbursement models, financial regulations and cost/benefit analysis.
  5. Become a Quality Assurance Expert
    The ability to ensure the hospital or institution is operating at the highest quality standards is vital to the survival of the organization. Nurses with an MSN are trained in Quality Assurance – a critical, on-going process that helps the organization adhere to strict guidelines to achieve top standards and accreditation.

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