5 Ways an Advanced Nursing Degree Can Change Your Future

Not sure if earning an online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) is the right path for you? Consider this: Nurses make up the largest workforce in the healthcare industry. Now is the time to gain the credentials to edge out the competition in this constantly growing field.  Best of all – you don’t have to worry about putting your career on hold to go back to school. By earning an online MSN degree, you’ll have the ability to keep your job and schedule courses around your busy lifestyle.

Start changing your future today! Check out these five benefits of earning an online MSN:

  1. Increase Your Marketability
    The more knowledge and skills you have in your field, the more marketable you are for jobs, speaking engagements, leadership roles and other opportunities. MSN coursework gives you a thorough understanding of nursing administration, finance, quality assurance and other key areas. With added expertise, you’ll definitely stand out amongst your peers.
  2. Get a High-Level Position
    Go for your dream job – and get it! By increasing your credentials with an MSN, you’ll be able to get high-level jobs as a specialist, in management or teaching. HR managers who hire for these positions separate the BSN candidates from the MSN candidates – you’ll be in the right group for consideration!
  3. Earn a Higher Salary
    In most industries, holding a master’s degree increases your pay rate. Nursing is no exception. Some of the highest-paying nursing positions require graduate-level degrees. Many positions pay more than six figures – get your share of the earnings!
  4. Prepare for Board Certifications
    If your career aspirations reach the very top of the nursing profession, they might very well include advanced board certifications – and an advanced degree is likely required to reach those goals. Don’t let the fear of incorporating classes into your life hold you back! Get your MSN online and continue to do what you love while you take steps to improve your career.
  5. Become a Mentor
    Thousands of new nurses are added to the field each year, many of whom look to more experienced nurses for guidance and mentorship. Coursework covered in a Master of Science in Nursing program helps you guide new or inexperienced nurses, which helps you stand out as a leader within the ranks. Leaders are noticed by upper management, and are often asked for their thoughts and input on senior-level projects.

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