Becoming a Leader in Nursing

Why do students choose Loyola University New Orleans’ online MSN? Find out in this short video.

Video Transcript:

NICOLE CARTIER: I came to this program because I wanted a program that respected previous education without having to redo the previous education. So this program allowed for that, having a non-nursing bachelor's and an RN. This program really catered to the previous education and building onto that.

LAURIE BROWN: I chose Loyola, not just because of my childhood dream to come here, but I liked the content of the courses, of this course, the classes that it offered. It gave me the key courses that I needed for my goals of clinical leadership. The online program for me worked really well with working full time. And now I'm in a position as a clinical educator where I travel three weeks out of the month. So, having the flexibility of the online program really worked well for me.

NICOLE CARTIER: I was in a different career before nursing. I was a psychotherapist. So I have two bachelor's and a master's prior to becoming a nurse. Then, as I became a nurse, my goal was to be an administrator. Since I've been in the program, I've already passed my nursing home administrator boards. I've been promoted twice within my company, which were master's level positions. But, I think, because I was involved in the MSN, they gave me the position. So I think it's kind of a huge motivator.