Engaging with Faculty Online

How will you be able to build relationships with your professors in an online environment? What type of feedback can you expect? Find out what students had to say.

Video Transcript:

ELIZABETH SANFORD-RICHMOND: When I needed something, if I didn't feel satisfied with what I was reading or what the syllabus was, or a different problem, the accessibility of the instructor or professor was amazing. There have been times when I've called them and every single time I called, I got a very kind reception.

MICHAEL ARCHULETTA: Feedback that I got from my instructor, was constant feedback, which was great. I felt that I would not get that feedback being that it was an online class and I had never saw my instructor. But I did get that constant feedback and assurance that I was doing a good job in the class.

JOE ALEXANDER: The instructors were very supportive. In fact, they're the ones that told me, "You're doing way too much. Concentrate on what it is that you need to do." There's the discussion board on there. There's always a forum you can ask questions to instructors. The feedback is usually within a day, and sometimes even less than that. Knowing that they're there for you, and there are resources to help you...

MICHAEL ARCHULETTA: The instructors are willing to help you in any way, if you have questions on a paper, or questions on assignments or just everyday questions regarding your class or out of class. I found it very easy to get valuable feedback from my instructors.