The Community of Online Learning

Online learning does not mean that you learn and work 100% independently. Students share how they collaborate with their peers in the online setting.

Video Transcript:

Elizabeth Sanford-Richmond: There is a heart and soul and spirit that even comes through in the online program that really answers to me and my basic moral or ethical tenets are also echoed through this program.

Robert Taylor Reed: Communicating with my peers was very easy. Email is very fast, very simple. I do love phone communication and verbal communication, but as well as email, we get the same points across.

Elizabeth Sanford-Richmond: It's been incredibly easy. I have a smart phone and it didn't matter where I was, you can communicate. So, the technology through Loyola has been very easy. Incredibly easy.

Warren P. Herbert: The learning management system in the online tools at Loyola have, for me, been a whole lot easier than learning in a regular classroom setting because I'm able to do that on my own time. I'm able to take the time that I have free and set it in my own schedule.

Robert Taylor Reed: We actually shared pictures of our own family to each other. We actually talked about what we were doing in the profession right now. We actually talked about our future goals and then we went into the material, so we actually got to know our classmates better before we started answering our discussion questions and writing our research papers.

Joe Alexander: I'm looking so forward to meeting some of these faces that I've been talking to for the last two years.