I chose Loyola New Orleans because…

Watch students as they share why they chose Loyola University New Orleans.

Video Transcript:

KIMBERLEE DAVIS: I chose Loyola…

MICHAEL ARCHULETTA: I chose Loyola because…


WARREN P. HERBERT: Well, I actually chose Loyola back in the mid -90's. They were the first to start doing what was then a video education program.

MICHAEL ARCHULETTA: I chose Loyola because I felt that it gave me the flexibility that I need with my hectic life. I'm a single father and so I needed to make sure that I had time for my family.

ELIZABETH SANFORD-RICHMOND: I needed to go to school online because I currently have a very busy job. But I also wanted to go to a school that had a foundation and a substance to it.

JOE ALEXANDER: Where you choose to go to school does make a difference in your career. That's the main reason why I chose Loyola.

WARREN P. HERBERT: I think the thing that's been most surprising and rewarding for me as an online student is the opportunity to interact with nurses from across the country.

ELIZABETH SANFORD-RICHMOND: There is a heart and soul and spirit that even comes through on the online program.

JOE ALEXANDER: You end up being really good friends with some of these people. I'm so looking forward to meeting some of these faces that I've been talking to for the last three years.

KIMBERLEE DAVIS: Graduating from Loyola and online MSM program was my lifetime priority.

JOE ALEXANDER: The amazing thing is, is that I made the highest grade I've ever made in school.

ELIZABETH SANFORD-RICHMOND: It makes me feel great. I feel very proud.

MICHAEL ARCHULETTA: It makes you a well-rounded person and you appreciate your education more.

WARREN P. HERBERT: If you need to find a school that is progressive, that is trying to be aware of what is going on from a standpoint of change in Healthcare. Loyola is that school, in my opinion.