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Loyola University New Orleans Online Nursing Programs

Dedication and Loyalty

I have been a Registered Nurse for the past eleven years and a military spouse for the last four. The combination of the two has presented amazing experiences as well as valuable lessons. My husband taught me the importance of dedication and loyalty towards both our family and our country. Nursing in its own right depends on the dedication and loyalty of the individuals that choose to enter the profession.

I am an American Airmen

As a proud member of the United States Air Force, nursing to me is much more than a job, it is caring for my brothers and sisters in arms, military family members and our veterans. Getting the opportunity to comfort, teach, celebrate, and hear the incredible stories of real American heroes and has touched my life on so many levels. I have learned compassion, patience, respect and a real sense of American pride. I have cared for people from World War II to Operation Iraqi freedom, and the family members who have been as much a part of the military as their spouses.

"No Single Definition" What Nursing Means To Me

My favorite definition of bravery is "running towards a problem when everyone else is running away." For me, this is not only an excellent definition for bravery but the definition of a diligent nurse. Bravery, pride and selflessness encompass all aspects of nursing. Nurses are expected to provide quality care for patients in need. An exceptional nurse goes above and beyond the call of duty daily. We care for patients who are experiencing some of the most life altering situations imaginable.

Care and Devotion

The practice of both an art and science is a balancing act very few professions can claim, yet that is what nurses do every day. For me the practice of nursing is not my profession, but my calling. I believe that even before I knew I was called to practice I was being prepared to practice. The study of liberal arts and cardiac science, combined with a practical, traditional hospital based nursing education has given me a holistic perspective of not only the individual patient, but of the overall health care system.

Leading A Purposeful Life

As a Surgical Nurse, I am the patient's most important advocate - I speak for my patients' needs when they can't. I feel very strongly that with an MSN-HCSM from Loyola University, I will have the ability to take that advocacy into Healthcare environments that need leadership; leadership that can balance the needs of the shareholders with the caregivers.


For me, nursing is a second career after many years in the pharmaceutical industry. While I have spent my entire life in the health sciences, I have found no more rewarding career than that of nursing. Every day I am able to positively impact patient's health and their families. Being an intensive care nurse, I care for patients and their families at perhaps the most difficult time of their lives. An analogy I like to use is that I am the co-pilot within the healthcare team helping patients land safely after experiencing a rough patch of turbulence in their well being.

Nursing: A new profession

With trepidation, I ignored all fears, misconceptions and dived into this whole new world of Nursing. Initially, it was supposed to be temporal, when I got my act together , I was going to go back to my original profession. I came to realize, this was not just any profession, this was serious business, more serious than I earlier perceived. To succeed, I literally had to throw myself into this program. By the time I was done with it, I knew this was the profession, the only profession for me.

Nursing's Meaning to me and HCSM impact on my career goals

Nursing's meaning in 2012 and in 1982 when I was a new nurse are so different. In 1982, it was "WOW, I am a nurse. How many people can I make feel better?" Two years later in ICU it became "look at me and how I take care of really sick people with what I have learned". Now in 2012 it is "how can I help other nurses to feel that initial WOW factor all over again, and be able to say they have self pride and respect for their accomplishments while still taking care of really sick people"?

The change factor to help nursing be seen as a profession is education.

My Nursing Mission - From Personal Calling to Population Health

My journey with nursing began when one of my four children was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. My thirst for knowledge about diabetes and inspiration from students at the junior college where I taught English as a Second Language led me to pursue nursing education. The combination of nursing/diabetes management and education became a passion and I acquired national certification as a diabetes educator, taking on leadership roles within my profession.

MSN-HCSM Scholarship Entry for Serelda Young

I am writing to apply for the Master of Science in Nursing with a

specialization in Health Care Systems Management (MSN-HCSM) program

scholarship. My nursing career has been an awesome adventure. I have been

blessed with diverse positions in health care that have kept me learning new and

interesting things. I graduated from Charity Hospital School of Nursing in 1984

and still have an insatiable appetite for knowledge.

I returned to school at Loyola in 2006 pursuing my Bachelor of Science in


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Doctor Mary Oriol

“I was drawn to Loyola because of the Jesuit principle of cura personalis, which emphasizes the formation of the unique person in his or her entirety. The experience of working and learning with students in their development as nursing leaders is most rewarding.”

Dr. Mary Oriol, Associate Professor