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Loyola University New Orleans Online Nursing Programs

Nursing Journey to Inspire

Nursing has always meant 'comfort' to me. As a child I witnessed the chronic and debilitating illness of my mother. My maternal aunt, a Registered Nurse, provided comfort to mom and us. My journey into nursing began as a high school student in a Practical Nursing program and thus far, has lead me to the title of Registered Nurse, BSN prepared. My nursing experiences have included the roles of Charge Nurse, Rehabilitation Nurse and Instructor, as an LPN; and many roles as a Registered Nurse.

Scholarship Essay

As a Program Manager for the Army I have been a part of a culture all of its own, with leadership and organization at its core. I have come to realize that the Army values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage are the same attributes the pioneers in the profession of nursing also possessed and are the traits the profession still craves as more emphasis is placed on higher education for nurses in management roles.

Nursing is My Only Profession

I am Kimberly A. Giles-Sheriff, RN, BSN. I consider nursing to be not only my profession, but my ministry as well. Obtaining my masters will help me to achieve many goals. My goals include improving upon the care that I provide to my patient and the knowledge that I share with my colleagues and those coming after me in nursing. In obtaining my masters, I hope to develop management skills that will make me more marketable for future job advancement.

A Loyola University MSN

Obtaining a MSN from Loyola would mean many things to me, both professional and personal. Personally, I am at a stage in my life with my children grown, that I have begun contemplating what is next for me. In deciding to take my nursing career to the next level my research led me to Loyola. The Health Systems Management MSN seems the perfect fit for my career goals. The curriculum is designed to prepare me for the most challenging new roles in the changing health care environment and to enable me to find my place in this challenging and changing environment.

Scholarship Essay

Nursing is the physical and mental care of patients and their families. Part of helping a patient heal is also helping his or her family who is often the support system upon discharge. To me, nursing is establishing a professional relationship in which patients feel comfortable and confident in the care I provide to them. Part of my care is to ease hospital fears and promote holistic recovery of the patient.

Value of a Master's from Loyola

Earning my Master's in Nursing at Loyola in Health Care Systems Management would be a dream-come-true! I have been blessed to work in a challenging clinical setting for many years, mentored by dedicated, well-prepared nursing leaders. Nursing is my heart. There is nothing better than to bring comfort, encouragement, or hope to others. Now, as I assume a more prominent leadership role, I am eager to protect and share the legacy given me by my role-models.

Master's of Science in Nursing-Health Care Systems Management Scholarship Essay

It's June 7th, 2008 and my family and friends have joined together to celebrate my accomplishment of obtaining my Bachelors of Science in Nursing. I knew that this was just the beginning of my professional nursing career and that one day I would also graduate with my Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. The field of nursing is not only extremely rewarding but diverse as well. Thinking back to when I was just a little girl, it was my determination to become a Registered Nurse one day. I placed into perspective the steps I would need to take to reach my goal of becoming a Nurse Executive.


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Doctor Mary Oriol

“I was drawn to Loyola because of the Jesuit principle of cura personalis, which emphasizes the formation of the unique person in his or her entirety. The experience of working and learning with students in their development as nursing leaders is most rewarding.”

Dr. Mary Oriol, Associate Professor