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Loyola University New Orleans Online Nursing Programs

Actional Leadership

The online Master of Science in Nursing with specialization in Health Care Systems Management (MSN-HCSM) at Loyola University New Orleans will be the perfect way to create new opportunities in my nursing career. Nursing today is so much more than just working at the bedside. We impact people in many ways and in numerous environments. When I consider what nursing means to me and weigh all the experiences, situations, relationships, and learning opportunities associated with this profession, I have to ask, where do I sign up and what's next?

Scholarship Essay

Receiving the $4,500 scholarship from Loyola University while pursuing a Master of Science in Nursing, during the 33 year celebration of nursing education, would be a tremendous blessing to my entire family. As a single parent, my two kids and I have learned to make the most of everything. Not only will it help to relieve a financial burden, but it will also provide peace of mind while focusing on what most is important- putting forth 100% at being a successful student. I am currently repaying large student loans from my undergraduate studies.

Nursing: My Promise Fulfilled

At age 9, when all my friends were dreaming of being characters from their favorite cartoon, I knew that I would grow up and become a nurse. It was at that age that began doing things that made my grandfather, Adam Clark Jr. tell me that I would be a great nurse someday. This led to him asking me to make a promise to him that I would go to college and study nursing. So, here I am, 10 years after seeing my promise come to fruition and it was truly the greatest promise ever that I ever kept.

How a MSN/HCSM will Help Further My Career?

What does nursing mean to me and how a MSN/HCSM will help further my career?

I have always wanted to be a health care provider and assist populations in achieving optimal health. Nursing is a profession that I felt would allow me the opportunity to interact directly with patients and have a positive influence in their lives. I graduated in 2005 with a BSN in nursing and have been involved in many health care areas since that time.

Nursing was Not Originally my First Career Choice

Nursing was not originally my first career choice after high school. I eventually decided I wanted to enter a field in which I would be always learning; I have never once regretted my decision. Having been a nurse for 14 years, I realized I want to do more with my career. I am nearing the end of my Bachelor's program and decided to pursue my Masters in Nursing. Having 2 small children and a husband, I knew the program I decided on had to be on-line, flexible and most importantly affordable. There are three career goals I have:

Dark to Light

Nursing is important to me because I can be the person who can bring light to patients during a difficult time. I recently was reminded of this by a patient who was admitted to my unit after a lengthy battle with infected diabetic ulcers to his lower extremities. He was facing possible amputation, but luckily was able to have a debridement instead. Lacking medical insurance and facing expensive continuing care needs I assisted him in applying and being approved for charity care through the hospital, where he could return for wound care.

Servant Leadership

Nursing is synonymous to service and service cannot be performed without making a caring connection with patients and co-workers. My career goals include being part of senior leadership within a large health care system, serving patients, families, employees and the community. Furthering my education to include a Masters Degree will allow me to continue my career by serving from a different perspective. I am looking forward to beginning my journey towards my goal with Loyola University.

Nursing a Calling to a Dynamic World

Nursing for me is a calling. There is a strong desire, an inner passion within yourself in order for you to take care of a person wholly. If you don't have that calling within you I do believe that you won't stay long in the nursing profession or else you might be working with sorrow. There is a great difference between a nurse working for Cash and a nurse working for her Calling. The effects can be seen in herself, in her environment and with the person she's nursing.

Evolving as a Leader

Earning an MSN degree at Loyola opens up many new opportunities and creates exciting challenges for my career. Since my involvement in leadership activities as early as high school I have always fallen easily into leading positions, naturally confident in my abilities. I thrive when I am able to lead and I am faced with challenges.


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Doctor Mary Oriol

“I was drawn to Loyola because of the Jesuit principle of cura personalis, which emphasizes the formation of the unique person in his or her entirety. The experience of working and learning with students in their development as nursing leaders is most rewarding.”

Dr. Mary Oriol, Associate Professor