Why I Chose Loyola New Orleans to Pursue My BSN Degree

As a Catholic nurse, it is my desire to ethically and morally care for my patients. When I was living in Oklahoma, I thought about enrolling in a Christian nursing school there to pursue my Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. However, I felt I wanted my education to come from a Catholic institution, so I waited. After moving back to Louisiana, I was thrilled to have discovered that Loyola University New Orleans is a Jesuit-Catholic institution that has an accredited online RN to BSN program I was searching for. I felt I found my happy learning combination.

There is a saying, "Don’t judge a book by its cover." However, when I look at Loyola’s grand historical brick building and see the statue of Jesus in front of the university and the statue of Mary on the side, it relieves my worries and tells me that this is an institution I can trust in to prepare me for "critical leadership role in the healthcare industry." In addition, I discovered that the mission statement of Loyola School of Nursing fits with my personal belief: "Educate professional nurses based on Jesuit values, who lead change and translate science into practice in a dynamic global healthcare environment." I have practiced as a charge nurse and a preceptor in addition to bedside clinical patient care in hospitals before enrolling into the RN-BSN program. Thus, I wanted to a program that will help improve my communication, critical thinking, and leadership skills. The vision statement of Loyola New Orleans School of Nursing told me it strives to do that: "A world where every nurse is a leader."

My path into Loyola’s RN-BSN program started when I was searching on its nursing program website one day and filled out the "Request More Information" section. I remembered how surprised I felt when I received a phone call from a Loyola University representative the next day. I could not believe that my request for more information was taken seriously. The representative patiently and kindly answered all of my questions concerning the online program and walked me through the steps of registration. I am very impressed with the faculty and personnel at Loyola School of Nursing. They have demonstrated their core values of student centeredness, serving others, and respect toward me. Moreover, they are willing to help me whenever I need them. Today, I am taking a course in the second half of my second semester.

Questions do not cease after registration, of course. Whenever I have a question about the program or a problem arises, I would appropriately contact Loyola’s Online Student Services Coordinator, my instructor, or their 24/7 tech support. They have been prompt and gracious to help me. Outside of my online "classroom" interaction, these kind actions of theirs have also taught me about exceptional nursing care. For example, they taught me to not only listen to the needs of my patients but also to do something about it. Thus, teaching me leadership skills. Like a charge nurse or a preceptor who does not always have the answer for her patients, team members, or their new nursing staff, there were times when the Online Student Services Coordinator or my instructor did not have answers to my questions also. However, they did not fail to find the resource person to help me. Pursuing a BSN degree can be a stressful time; however, the staff and faculty at Loyola School of Nursing have made it a less stressful experience for me both through their actions and their way of giving me intellectual knowledge and stimulation.

About the Author

Thuy Luu

Hello, my name is Sister Thuy Luu. I have been a registered nurse for 13 years, and I like to learn. When I or my colleagues learn something new at work, we happily say “There’s always something to learn each day.” I am currently studying in my second semester in Loyola’s online RN-BSN (RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing) program. I am pleased to say that “There’s always something to learn each day” here at Loyola also.